Animal Instinct

It started as a normal day. Monday morning, alarm, yawn, stretch, tumble out of bed, shower, blue uniform, and holster. Yeah don’t forget the gun. Ready for work. Just another day. Just another week. Alex sighed, straightened his tie with the right hand and reached for the briefcase with his left. Only it wasn’t in its […]

My New Friend

My day started as it usually does. I half opened my eyes: clear, sunny morning with a cool breeze in our loft, in my city, Dilli; you know the one – if there be heaven on earth, this is it, this is it – penned by a Mughal emperor who I guess fancied himself a poet too. Well I agree […]

The House With 12 Jamun Trees

For security reasons, the house we moved into was not considered a good location. It routinely got allocated to new incoming school masters with the understanding that in a couple of years you could trade up when another new master was hired. While located within a 30 acre boarding school campus of what used to […]