My Best Birthday Cake

Describe your perfect birthday cake. #bloganuary

I grew up in India in a small town called Dehradun. Birthdays, in those days, did not rate as high as festivals like Holi, Diwali which celebrate the community rather than an individual. Probably special food was made and if possible, family or friends were present to give me an extra hug. My parents were traditional in the sense they wanted us to learn Indian culture and the ethos inherent in our practices and birthdays were for giving, not receiving gifts. So once, when I was about ten years old, and I asked for a cake for my birthday, my mother agreed. She said it would be a surprise. And she said it would be a very special cake to be shared with very special friends.

And it was.

On my birthday, early in the morning, we took stacks of pooris (Indian fried bread made for special occasions), pumpkin curry and rice pudding to the local orphanage. The children were expecting us and already sitting in rows on mats. My mother and I served the food to the children. They laughed, chatted and asked me how old I was. Many were my age. After they finished, we collected the empty vessels. My mother dropped me off at school before leaving for her job teaching Hindi literature at the local college.


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