Writing is a release for me as well as fun.

I have been writing non-fiction for several years: technical papers as well as book chapters and one book on leadership and management (available from amazon). I also started a blog called From Good To Gold on social entrepreneurship to document my research. My writing was a by-product of my profession so I was never short of material, but limited by the amount of time I could devote to writing. Driven by necessity, preference or prudence my writing style was short, to-the-point yet content rich as well as opinionated and people seemed to like it

Then I wanted to get away from non-fiction, try something different. I quit my job and tried my hand at writing fiction. I have attended classes, writers workshops and for a while tried to get a writers group going. My technique has changed to accommodate character development and scene setting and descriptions.

I still have trouble with creating a story line but that is not the main problem.

The problem is that I cannot write: I find I dread the blank page. I am constantly editing a paragraph or finding other reasons to delay putting thoughts to paper. I am afraid to share what I write as I see all the technical imperfections in my writing.

The second problem is that I am not part of a writer’s community though everyone I know reads a lot and wants to write – if only they had the time .. sigh.

So I started this blog. I am just putting it out there for now. I hope I can tickle someone’s funny bone, create a memory or bring alive a childhood dream.

If you read my blog, comment or in anyway give feedback, please know that I am indebted to you for your support. Thank You.

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  1. I stumbled on your blog because your name struck me 🙂 Actually its the first time I am actually coming across with someone with same name 🙂 You have an amzing blog 🙂 I would be reading lot of your work in upcoming days 🙂

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