Uptown Girl : Short Fiction

Published in The East Bay Review: You can now read my short story Uptown Girl for free.

“Sophistication” is another word for that inventive mix of
tolerance, resilience and resourcefulness city people develop.
—Edward Hoagland

In a few long strides, the elegant woman clicked her black heels
across an expanse of opulent granite to park herself and her
wheeled luggage at the lobby registration. She rested a handbag
on the polished mahogany, poised to take out a wallet, and
smiled at the man behind the counter.
“You have a reservation for me? Jeena Mann. Jeena with a
J. And Mann with two Ns.”


East Bay Review

Uptown Girl by Neerja Raman

Published by neerja2014

aspiring, perspiring, trying: yes. writing: sometimes publishing: tomorrow

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