Breath of Life

Some topics are best said in verse. All Lives Matter by Elan Mudrow where “gunshots take only a few seconds” and “breath shortens in fear, or is it in readiness..?” is one such poem.

First, I was drawn to the idea of allowing our breath to take over in times of stress. Breathing is the first sign of life and first responder when life is threatened. Humans are hardwired for fight or flight. Breath can help decide – run from danger or face it to breathe again.

Second, Vibrant of Blabberwocking! fame, besides posting fun comments about my post on themes advised I take up Pranayama, otherwise known as breathing exercises. I used to do them so I can say with certitude that a daily Pranayama habit has magical therapeutic qualities: a few seconds with your inner OM give 24 hours of a sharply honed mind-body connection. But I have stopped. Why?

I normally don’t follow poetry blogs, but I appreciate that a good poem can juxtapose complexity and  commonality with such simplicity that it takes your breath away.

Blogging 101: Day Nine: Get Inspired By the Neighbors

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