The Good Samaritan

It was raining and the ink was freshly bleeding off. Lucy bent down. Whoever dropped the note must be just ahead. The part that wasn’t totally washed out said:

Rock Bottom Cafe. Just 5 minutes. Samar (smudge)

She ran up ahead. “Did you drop this?” “Sir, is this yours?” ” Excuse me Ma’am- are you missing a note?”

Lucy was disappointed. She had been so sure. And why not be a good Samaritan? She looked up the address. It was clear across town, a seedy part, but having started she decided to go anyway.

Rock Bottom Cafe buzzed with the happy hour crowd.

Now what? Nobody looked obviously waiting. A 5 minute meeting, 5 minutes from what time? A 5 minute job? Heaven forbid!

Lucy folded her umbrella, shook off the water, parked it in the bin by the door and walked up to the bar. She had time anyway. Frank was working late. Again.

“Hey! you know someone called Samar?” she waved the sheet of paper at the bartender.

“You mean Sam?”

“No. The name can’t be shorter than Samar, maybe something longer.”  Lucy shook her head and looked around.

Then she saw him. She saw Frank. No mistaking that curly mop of hair. Frank sat in the corner. He was kissing. She seemed to be kissing him back.

Lucy stared for a full 5 minutes. They were still at it.

“Do me a favor.’ she said to the bartender. “Give this note to the man in the corner. Tell him Lucy was here. Just 5 minutes.”

At the door, picking up her umbrella, she shouted  “Oh, by the way, Samar, thanks! I got your note.”

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