A Blade of Grass, A Drop of Water

Room With a View

My room is not a room at all – it is a vast open field, a sea of green; yet not a sea.  Unlike a water drop, every blade of grass is distinct, stands tall, invites you to come in. It is a soccer field where children play as a team and also as individuals. I stand by the side. How do I join? I want to be that blade of grass but am afraid to become that drop of water, the drop that looses itself in becoming part of the whole, it no longer invites you to come in, it is lost itself.

But that is not my only fear. A room with a view forces you into a passive role, lulls you into contentment. It saps my energy. I want to be participant, grab opportunity, find love, join the game, be on the field. I don’t want to be safe, I don’t want to be an observer. A room with no view will push me out into the open, into action, into life.

Just close your eyes, I tell myself and do it. After all does it really matter a blade of grass or a drop of water?

This is assignment number one – so its in the wrong order – but I don’t know enough about the blog yet to fix it. In a few days it wont matter 🙂

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