Day Five: Love Your Theme

A funny thing happened at the gym. There I was, sweating on the treadmill, thinking about themes, not getting anywhere. Then it so happened that I looked up and the TV monitor facing me advised “Life is too short. Have an affair.”

Before you get the wrong idea, let me just up and say I love Blogging 101. In fact I love it so much, this is my second time taking it.

So why do we try new themes? We try new themes because they are there. One thing I can tell you: I Love  themes.

In fact when I have a writing block I just go and fool around with themes. Its easy come easy go, no commitment, no hard feelings. And nobody knows; like you are Vegas bound instead of your desk. With themes, hours flit by like seconds while seconds seem like hours when I write. That critic inside me is silent. And those widgets – best toys ever – some give instant gratification and for variety others confound me (bugs – a programmer knows and loves her bugs).

Day 5 assignment says “nobody is going to spend more time on your blog than you.” Right there in the middle of the page.

Now I’m not calling that a low blow –  it’s just fact. I am practical that way.

I tried the Basic Black: sometimes I fancy myself a minimalist. Then I tried a theme heavy on the photos because my professional life is pixels (not pixellated please) and I feel obligated. I tried a verbose theme because I find myself introverted too.

Like the TV said – every theme speaks to me because I have no idea what I will be day-to-day.

Yes, I try themes more often than I like – a guilty pleasure and I don’t want anyone to know its 3 hours I could have spent writing. So I go back to the theme I have had since I started my blog.

How about you?

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aspiring, perspiring, trying: yes. writing: sometimes publishing: tomorrow

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  1. Made me smile, several times. I like the image of a bit of feeling sneaky looking around at all those other themes. Sometimes I can imagine someone whispering in my ear: “make up yer mind already.” I like your writing style.

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  2. ‘You can’t change partners in life everyday,but you can change themes everyday,so might as well do it’.Right?’

    Dilemma each time I try choosing one.But can’t argue,it’s so much fun.I feel like I am flirting with all the vivid options that I have and it is amazing how you put into writing what I had in my head.

    Cheers mate!

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